My 10th Day Birthday!!!

Hurray! It’s my 10th day birthday:D

I was born on May 10, 2017. That makes today my 10th day of life!

And what an adventure it has been!

It was quite the experience to come from a world of darkness where there was hardly any room to move, to a world of light where I have freedom stretch my legs…

And run!

If you want to see a few more of my 10th day birthday pictures click here!

B9 copy

I love speed!


It almost feels like I can fly:D

I have learned so much in these 10 days. Not only have I discovered how to jump, spin, kick and leap into the air, but I also found out what else that the pink thing in my mouth is good for!

Not only is it useful for making goofy faces for the camera, but with it I can taste different flavors.

I saw my mom eating this green stuff that we walk on, so I decided to try some. And you know what?

It’s quite tasty!

I discovered some chocolate colored blobs on the ground, and tried one of them…and wowzers!

If you find one of them…


B11 copy

Some things are not meant to be tasted!


They are disgusting!

One of the most important lessons that I have learned in my first 10 days of life, is that the things that my mom tells me to do and not do are in place for a reason. They help to keep me safe.

I found this out the hard way.

Part of the fence that surrounds our pasture is called an electric fence. My mom told me not to touch it…it would hurt.


You can guess what happened!

I can tell you…

It hurts!

I won’t be touching one of those again.

And maybe next time I will listen a little more carefully to what my mom says!

When I follow her words of wisdom, I can run with freedom in my pasture…

Without getting hurt:D