You Are Never Alone

Do you ever feel alone?

I do!

Even though I have friends that I get to see everyday.

In fact, do you want to know something?

Sometimes when I am with a big group of my friends, that is when I feel most alone.


Sometimes when I am with my friends, I feel most alone.


Isn’t that kind of strange?

Or do you know what I’m talking about?

At times, it seems like even though my friends are beside me, they don’t understand me…they aren’t really listening to me…

And I feel alone:(

When this happens to me, I call out to my mom…

Within a few seconds, I will hear her answering whinny….

And I am reminded that…

I am not alone.

She’s still there:D

When you are feeling alone, remember that God will hear when you call out to Him, and…

He will never leave you alone or turn His back on you.

He will always be with you, so…

You are never alone:D