Inside Out and Upside Down (Part 2)

Now to continue the tale of the day my life was turned inside out and upside down!

After we had been chased into one end of our fence, we tried to go back to where we had come from. The whole herd – all of us foals and moms – spun around and…


We raced past the four wheeled contraption!

We didn’t want to be in the place where our humans were moving us to. The grass was so green where we were before!

We didn’t want to stay in the place where our humans had moved us to. It was much smaller than where we had been before!

We didn’t like the place where our humans had moved us to. We wanted to return to where we had been before.  In that place there was a lot of space to run…to chase the wind…to play tag…to dash after butterflies…

In our opinion, it was a better place.

Our desires and the desires of our humans were bashing heads. We were definitely not in agreement.

So, we decided to break free from that place! Instead of staying where our humans wanted us to stay, we went the way we wanted to go.

Our hooves thundered over the ground as we raced back to where we had been, but as we were making our grand escape, I noticed that there was something on the horizon…

Something that had not been there before and that I had not seen before…

What was it?

As we quickly drew close, I saw that it was…

A fence!

Where had it come from?

We screeched on the brakes, stopping so abruptly that some of us bumped into our moms’ tails. Good thing they are soft!  Although they do tickle the nose:D

One of my friends named Mist couldn’t stop quick enough. She ended up on the other side of the fence…in the place where the rest of us wanted to be…


My friend Mist


But none of us were brave enough to go through the fence to get there.

That day Mist discovered that she had springs in her legs that were good for jumping:D When she saw that the rest of us were not joining her, she jumped back over the fence to where we were.

Once she rejoined us, all of us stared at that fence…

Then we walked along the fence, looking for a hole…

But there was none.

There was no way to go back to where we had been. That path was firmly closed.

We had to stay where we were.

As I walked alongside my mom that day, I didn’t realize what was going to happen next…

All I knew was that I couldn’t go back.

Has that ever happened to you? Things change in your life and you want to go back to the way things were, but when you try you find out that you can’t.  That door is shut securely and there is no way that you can open it.

It’s not a very nice place to be, is it?

But, do you know what I learned that day? You can’t learn to enjoy the new places or discover the good things that are waiting for you in the new place, if you are always looking back.  That day, when I found out that I couldn’t go back to the way things were, I began to look at the place where I was.  I found out that it was filled with lots of good things…even though it was smaller and different than where I had been before.  In this new place I had trees for shade, water to drink, grass to eat…

Which actually tasted just as good as the other grass in my old home:D

I discovered that day that while change is hard, it isn’t always bad. In fact, it can be really good, but I couldn’t discover the good until I stopped trying to go back to the way things were.  It’s not always easy facing something new…

In fact, it can take a lot of courage to be brave enough to look forward instead of looking backward.

But, as my mom reminded me that day, even though we didn’t know what was happening, our humans did. And she knew that their plans for us would not be bad for us, and so I had my first lesson in learning to trust in the ones who knew what was going on.

And that is something that you can remember too! When you don’t know what is going on, remember that God does.  And His plans for you – even if they bring change – are not of evil.  They are good plans filled with hope and a future!Plans

Well, I see again that my time has come to a close and I’m only halfway through this adventure! I will have to share the next part of how my life was turned inside out and upside down…

Another day:D