Bumping Into Barricades! Inside out and Upside Down (Part 3)

After we were settled in the boundaries of our new fence, our humans came in and caught a few members of our herd, and led them out of the fence.

Then, one of them came back into our fence sitting on the back of a horse. They walked around behind our group, and then she started making those strange yipping sounds again while applying pressure to get us to go in a different direction.

We were on the move again and I had no idea where we were going.

But, there were a few mares in our herd that had an idea of where we were headed. I stayed close to my mom as we ran towards an open gate.

You would not believe what I saw when we made it out of the gate!

While the path in front of me was filled with dirt, hard ground and lots of rocks, there was tall, green grass on my left and on my right!

I could hardly wait to kick up my heels and race through it! And I wasn’t the only one!  Energy was charging through our herd.  Everyone seemed to be filled with the excitement.  Together we turned to the right to where some of the darkest green grass was.  I thought it looked like such a friendly grass because it was waving at us in the wind.

But, just as we were going to make a break for it, we were stopped by a tall, black warrior horse! He stood firmly in our path, blocking us from moving forward.

And there was another one of our humans on his back, making those strange yipping noises.

We tried to get past, but that horse wouldn’t let us. We tried to get by on the right, but he slammed that door shut.  We quickly darted to the left, but he whipped around faster than I could blink and stopped us again.

His meaning was very clear.

That path was not open to us.

We turned in another direction, but do you know what?

There was a fence blocking that route.

That path was not open to us.

We tried to go back, but the first horse and rider were standing in the gate we had just come out of.

That path was not open to us.

Do you know where we were supposed to go?

On the path full of rocks and dirt!

Can you believe it?

There was a little bit of grass along the edges of the road, but it was nothing like the tall, green grass that had been waving at us from the other field.

As we ran down the dirt trail, I kept looking at that grass trying to see if there was a way to get to it. But all along the route, there was a fence blocking the way.

There was only one path open to us and that was the one that we were on.

Do you know what I learned that day?

When we are moved out of one pasture it isn’t always easy to figure out the next direction that we are supposed to go in. When we see different paths that we could take, but we aren’t sure which one is the one we need to go on…

We end up bumping into a lot of closed doors…

Or horses…

Or fences…

Or whatever barricades are in place to keep us from going in a certain direction.

And you know what?

Bumping into those barricades wasn’t wrong. My humans didn’t get upset with me for not immediately going the direction they wanted me to go in.  In fact, they let me bump into them and the barricades that they had set up so that I could discover the direction I needed to go in.

That day, they used the barricades to direct my steps.

Sometimes bumping into barricades can leave you feeling dizzy and confused as we seem to go in circles as we bump into barriers and closed doors. But, just as my humans used the barricades to direct my steps, God also uses barricades that He has put in place to direct your steps.  He knows the plans that He has for you and He will direct your steps onto the path that He has for you to take.

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